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Travelstory #1: Venice - my love

Venice. It´s like meeting someone and falling in love immediately. Or like eating freshly baked banana bread. Or both. Venice can be recognized by its smell. This really intensive salty smell from the sea. And the hustle and bustle. There are a lot of things going on but nevertheless you know that you can also find quiet places there. Like for example at the Lido, where I have booked my hotel. There are sandy beaches, chic hotels - like the Grand Hotel Excelsior, which became famous through Thomas Manns book "The death in Venice" - but also a lot of native bars and restaurants where you can enjoy your pizza. Without knowing what you will do next. Venice is so much more than just the Markusplatz oder the Rialtobrücke. The island Pellestrina, for example. So incredibly quiet. Without any sights. Nearly no people. There the inhabitants have built so called Murazzi, walls which protect them against the wind and the water. And the colourful houses, which give the impression as i…

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