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In.Good.Style is a blog about interior design and photography and it celebrates inspiring products for your home. My blog attracts viewers from the US and UK as well as viewers from Germany and Austria. It has about 300 visitors a day and rising. I love to share stories of creative entrepreneurs, designers or photographers and would be glad to get in contact with you.

At the moment you can choose from the following options:

Standard Spot
150x250px Banner
Runs for 30 Days
Price: 50 Euros ($64)

Square Spot
150x150px Banner
Runs for 30 Days
Price 30 Euros ($38)

Sponsored Post
Do you want your products mentioned on my blog? Just send me your ideas and if the products fit with my blog we will definitely fin a solution. Sponsored posts will be clearly marked and include several pictures as well.

Ads can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.


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