Guest Blog: Essential decorating tips for first-time renters

This week I´m very excited to welcome Avalon Communities to the Guest Blog. AvalonBay Communities has become one of the nation´s leading Real Estate Investment Trusts and develops and manages apartment communities all across the United States. Today they would like to give you some really important decorating tips when moving into your first apartment:

Moving into your first apartment can seem a bit overwhelming. Luxury apartment communities, such as those offered by Avalon Communities, make it easier than ever to make find a place to call home, offering apartments with fully appointed kitchens that have locations that are close to local shopping and dining. Once you are all moved in though, you need to start thinking about how to make this new house your home.

Decorating can be a daunting task, but there are some basics to make the decorating process as painless as possible. With planning, vision, an assessment of furniture needs and some décor tips for bringing it all together; you´ll be able to feel right at home in no time at all.

Planning and Measuring

First rule of decorating is the one that many find the hardest. You must measure your space. For those of us who are spatially challenged (more of us than you´d think, it is really important that one of the first things you do, even before you have signed on the dotted line, is to measure all of the living spaces. This means knowing the measurement of every wall, where the doors and windows are and noting any areas that will not be great for furniture, but might need a décor piece. Also measure how high the walls are if they run under a window. Use graph paper and note all your measurements. If you can, take pictures of each space and keep those with your measurements or even note them on the back of the picture or in the caption. This way you don´t have to guess and you are armed for the next part of the process.

Schemes and Themes

Once you have your area mapped out, consider any color scheme or theme you want. If you like modern, sleek spaces, your theme you choose would reflect that. If you are into shabby chic, jot that down. Cut out pictures from magazines of spaces you love and keep them in a book or do like interior decorators dan and paste them onto a board. If you have some pieces of furniture that your are bringing or a key décor piece you love, take that into consideration if they have a color you´d like to match or contrast. They make those paint strips for choosing paint, but you can also use them to put together your color scheme in a handy little packet to take wherever you go as you gather your pieces.

Take Inventory and Make a List

In a first apartment, you usually build your décor as you add pieces. So start with a list of pieces you have - an inventory of sorts. Think of the pieces you would not be able to live without and then list what you need. A bed, night stand, a kitchen table with chairs, a coffee table and maybe a book shelf. Do you need a TV stand? Once you have your list, you can build the core list that you can build out as you have the means. Putting them in order of necessity will also help your budget and prioritize.

Bringing it All Together, But Know The Rules

Don´t forget that area rugs can add color and bring a room together and also can protect the carpet in an apartment, lessening the chance of losing part of your cleaning deposit. You also want to make sure you talk to the management company before you put in any nails or window coverings so that you know what the rules are. Most apartments also do not allow for painting, but there are removable wall art decals that might be allowable that can give you your custom feel without breaking any rules.

There are few things as exciting as finally moving into your first apartment. It is your chance to show your personality and make your new space into a home that you look forward to not only coming home to, but that you´ll loving hanging out in too.


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