Guest Post: Top 5 Bedroom Themes

I´m very proud to welcome a guest-blogger this week. Sarah has written a very interesting article about Bedroom Designs, so I´m sure you are going to enjoy it as much as I do.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Out of all of the rooms in the home, this is the most personalised and the one you should feel most comfortable in. But sometimes, we get a little bored with our bedrooms. Admit it, you know it happens. So, why not spice it up a bit. Here are some bedroom themes that are fun to do and give you great results, and there are five to choose from, too.

1. Minimalist

Sounds straightforward, but in reality, minimalist is the hardest of the five bedroom themes. White or black are the traditional minimalist colours, but both can overpower the room, so be careful when using them. Choosing white or black as the main colour and the other as a support colour will help you stop either from being too much. Alternatively, you can paint your walls in neutral colours and include a trim. Furniture wise, you’ll want as little as you can get away with. They don’t call it minimalist for nothing. Bed or futon, wardrobe and maybe a desk and chair is the absolute most, you can pull off, but the great part about minimalism, is that you can arrange this furniture however you like, and have enough room to rearrange it whenever you want.

2. Asian

These rooms are inspired by Japanese and Chinese cultures and feature neutral colouring and clean lines. Shoji screens and Tatami mats replace curtains and carpets in a Japanese style bedroom, while a Chinese bedroom requires lots of rich reds and woodwork, with wooden blinds as the most authentic replacement for curtains, though roller blinds also suffice. These are the most well-known Asian cultures; there are plenty of exciting and interesting Asian styles, which vary greatly from these two. Consider experimenting with Korean and Thai designs.

3. Nautical

Goal of this theme is to create the feel of open, natural spaces. Blues and whites are the leading colours, combined with a combination of wooden furniture to ground the room and clean, white painted furniture to add that ethereal look. You can add more colour with pictures of natural scenes as well as naval decorations. This style can be very subtle by adding hints of blue and some exposed wood to an otherwise white room. Or it can be very brass, filled to the brim with natural and nautical goodies. Beware though. This style can transform your room into a child’s bedroom. You’ll need to know when to stop accessorising, and if you don’t ask someone to tell you.

4. Romantic

Romantic is a very extravagant style. Reds and pinks are predominately used, but you can venture into dark shades of blue and purple if you’re after an authentic Arabian Nights room. Four poster beds are a great addition along with lots of framed mirrors and flickering lanterns. As you’ve no doubt worked out, the inspiration for this style comes from Arabic and Moroccan themes, so a collection of colourful Saris and throws, a nest of pillows, and meagre lighting created with fake candles and lanterns to give you that fire light feel really set the scene. If you want the full Arabian feel, then forget the four poster bed and have a futon instead.

5. Rural

The rural style is very traditional, and the complete opposite to minimalist. Here, more is better. Wood is your main colour and accessory style. Wooden floors, wooden blinds, wooden furniture, can all be used to create that log cabin feel, as well as a large, comfy bed, and shaded lights. You can be a bit adventurous with this style, and include large treasure chests and as many outdoor style accessories, such as antlers or turn pine cones into table decorations, as you can. Just be sure to fill the space.

These five themes are merely an introduction to what you can do. The possibilities are endless, and range from city, modern, art deco to your favourite actor/ actress or musician. Have fun designing.

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