Guest-Blog: How To Add Luxury To Your Home

Let me welcome a guest-blogger today - Sarah is going to tell us something about adding luxury to your home without spending a lot of money. So enjoy her interesting article which is full of very useful tips.

Luxury is seen as something for the rich and famous, but we all enjoy a little pampering and the feeling of being surrounded by things we love. So, luxury needn’t be only for the rich. A few simple decorating tips and tricks will have your friends and neighbours envious of your new luxury style home.

1. Colour

The colour of a room is very important as this sets the mood of it. Avoid dark colours and instead opt for lighter shades and pastel tones. Colour combinations are also highly important, so be sure that the colours don’t clash with each other. But don’t be afraid to mix colours together. Having a contrast is okay, as contrasting colours complement each other, especially if you stick to the traditional complementary colours of blue-orange, red-green, and yellow-purple. Alternatively you could choose one colour and create highlights to the room by using different shades of the colour.

2. Furniture

Luxurious looking furniture is key to making your home look more luxurious, but just because it looks luxurious doesn’t mean it cost you a lot. You can find old-fashioned style furniture at flea markets at a very good price. They may need some repair, but the repair will be cheaper than buying the modern and new things, or going to an antique store for the authentic deal. Repair could simply include upholstering the cushions and varnishing the wood. Also consider painting the furniture wood white or in a pastel tone, as this gives it a very luxurious look. One or two pieces in this style will do the trick, so you needn’t buy new furniture for your entire home.

3. Light

A bright room is an appealing room. Light streaming into your home makes it appear bigger than it may actually be, and it highlights the colour scheme of your home. Big windows are, of course, ideal, but you can create the illusion of big windows by focusing on how they look. Don’t hide them behind roller or venetian blinds. Show off your windows and the light you have. A thin, white under curtain will let the light in, but hide a damaged or in need of paint window frame and sill. Windows are an important focus of a room, and should have the right window treatment highlighting them. Long curtains with interesting and luxurious patterns are perfect for underlining the luxurious feel of the room. They come in many different materials, but thicker and softer materials are more suitable for the luxury home. You can still save money, if you choose to go with the softer and heavier materials by buying your curtains online.

4. Accessorize

It’s already been hinted at in the last tips, but a great way of adding character to any style of room is by accessorizing. Furniture and curtains are great accessories, but you can also add some cushions to the room. Several different styles and shapes of cushion can really highlight a piece of furniture and make it appear more important. Other accessories which create a luxurious feel to the room are candles and candle holders, mirrors, as they are not only very elegant but also make the room seem brighter, and pictures of your favourite art pieces. Not the originals, of course, but you can buy some prints of your favourite pieces, frame them and hang them in the room you wish to be more luxurious. Depending on your colour scheme, choose the pictures accordingly. For example, if you have chosen light colours, choose light coloured pictures, such as those from the impressionist period. Framed photographs can also add luxury providing they are of landscapes or famous landmarks.

5. Natural

This last tip is probably the most important of all. The design of the room should feel as natural to you as possible. If you don’t like an item or colour, then it doesn’t matter how recommended it is for providing luxury, if you don’t like it, you won’t feel like you’re living in a luxurious home. When choosing the furniture, the accessories, the colours, and the window treatments, be sure to listen to your gut, because it knows what you like and what you don’t like. The selection of the design should come naturally to you.


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