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I often talk about designing the interior of your home, but it’s also important to think about the exterior of it. The exterior is, of course, a bigger project than the interior with a lot less freedom regarding adding special touches and accessories, which make all the difference between a good design and a great design. Or is it?
Granted the undertaking needs some more planning, and you will have to set a time period aside to start and finish the work, unlike interior design, where you can often continue searching for the right accessories and adding these when you find them. You do, however, have a lot more options with your exterior, especially if you use your wooden shutters in an intriguing and creative manner, than you may initially think. Colour is your best friend when it comes to the exterior of your home, and it is also your most powerful accessory. The colour of your home sets the tone of people’s first impression of your home. You can change their minds with a stunning interior, but the first impression is an incredibly difficult impression to recover from. These needn’t be the case if you use colour to your advantage.
Depending on the houses next door to you, you can either choose a colour that is in sync with what others are doing, or you can choose a bold and daring colour that will make your house stand out.

Colours like sunshine yellow, dark purple, sky blue, and even shades of green are regarded as daring and bold colours, while white, cream, and pastel tones are regarded as safe. Once you’ve chosen your colour you need to decide on what kind of a surface you will paint it on. Painting on brick gives your exterior an interesting look, but for a smoother finish you may want to consider layering your brick exterior with plaster. This will improve your home’s insulation and give you a different surface to paint on. Alternatively you could cover your bricks with wooden planks.
Once your house is painted, it’s time to use your secret weapon of wooden shutters to create a stunning looking house. The shutters will also need some colour, and it’s up to you if you want the shade to complement the colour of your home or contrast with it. A contrast will create an eye-catching piece, but a complementing colour should not be dismissed either, as this will enhance the effect you were already going for in the first place.
If you like an eccentric design, consider painting each shutter half of one window in a different colour, or using the shutters and exterior of your house to create a stunning mural or landscape. Type ‘shutters’ into Pinterest, and you’ll be surprised by the stunning designs that are already out there. Look out for the white apartment building with shutters painted in all the colours of the rainbow, as well as the charming farmhouse with blue shutters that is behind a field of beautiful lilacs.
When tending to the exterior of your home, remember that like the interior there are no limits to your creativity.


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