Decorating in Parisian Style

The Parisian Style is a very romantic one which you often find in houses with high ceilings. Often iron railings are included in the balcony or staircases. But even if you don´t live in a typical Parisian home you can give your interior space a Parisian look. First of all it is important to use the right colour palette: Choose e.g. colours like emerald green, crimson or royal blue together with white and black - this makes your home look really interesting. Secondly you can include accessories and furniture that have a vintage look or you can add some vintage French posters showing signs, station clocks or other French motives. Black is often used as an accent colour but in a very intelligent way so that the room doesn´t look dark. Use e.g. fabrics, picture frames, lampshades or other accessories. Another beautiful design element for the Parisian style are large clocks or wall art like Impressionists paintings. In order to create a Parisian style in your bathroom use luxurious colours or towels in romantic colours. Another element are clear glass containers so that it´s possible to see the colours of the soap or artistically framed mirrors which you sometimes find in antique furniture shops. Also make use of soft lighting which gives your home a very romantic touch as well.


  1. Perfect color combinations. The room looks romantic and interesting. Very nice set up and stunning chandeliers. The one I like the most is the Eiffel Tower stuff. Nice post!

  2. Thank you very much:)
    Lovely greetings from Austria:)


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