Trendy Colours: Pastel

Honestly speaking, I have been quite sceptical about pastel colours for a long time. I always associated kitchy rooms in pink with it. However, if you combine them in the right way the rooms can really look romantic but also modern and fresh.

A good way to use pastel colours in your home is in combination with white but it´s also quite interesting to mix clear forms and soft colours. A perfect mixture of colours is a kind of yellow, sage-green and dusky pink. Especially green is quite good if you want to give your room a less "sweet or girlie" touch. If you combine it with white or wood it makes your room very lively.

Another nice idea to add some romantic atmosphere to your room is to decorate it with accessoires in mint or pink. But be careful not to over-use it because it could create a chaotic effect.

Have a look at some examples which I collected for you and which I personally like very much.

Picture 1: Wohnidee
Picture 2: Roomido
Picture 3 and 4: Deavita
Picture 5: Freundin
Picture 6: Kooye

If you want to read more about that topic I recommend the following book to you:

Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake. The British blogger shows you many examples of how to use pastel colours in your own home without being girlie.


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