{Weekly Finds}: Beautiful things by Anthropologie

Do you know Anthropologie? It´s a great shop that offers clothing, shoes, furniture and accessories.

Today I would like to show you some really beautiful things for your home:

1) A Spice Cellar. This concrete cellar was designed with traditional Belgian flower pots in mind and it adds a dose of sculptural art to your countertop while keeping blends or spices fresh for the taking.

2) This Natural World Dessert Plate in turquoise. It´s an Anthropologie collaboration with Lou Rota. As your guests dig into their confections and spy the crawlies underneath, gasps and chuckles my very well abound.

3) How do you like this extraordinary chandelier? It consists of a collection of reclaimed trinkets and other gathered pieces which make up a great centrepiece in your home.

4) I also love this blue Sunset Sky Throw, a lovely addition to your home.

5) And of course this orange teacup that holds plenty of your favourite steaming brews.

6) I´m really impressed by the Rosie Pitcher multi which will certainly brighten up your home.

So if you would like to have a look at the shop just click on the pictures....Have fun and enjoy your weekend:)


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