Artist of the Week: Christoph Niemann

Some time ago I discovered the artist Christoph Niemann who is a German illustrator and author. His work has already appeared on the covers of The New York Times Magazine, WIRED or The New Yorker and he has also published a number of books like "Sunday Sketching" or "WORDS" which is a visual dictionary for kids.

In the introduction of this wonderful book he writes: "For me drawing a writing are very closely related. Both a word and a picture have the power to express extremely complex thoughts and emotions with amazing simplicity....Being able to understand words and images opens the door to knowledge, communication and connection to people all over the world."

"Sunday Sketching" is a collection of funny illustrations and his views on how to be creative. Niemann is a very good observer and shows things we use daily in a completely new context. How do you like his work?


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