I love art. I love going to exhibitions and just stand in front of paintings and marvel at them. I like buying pictures for my flat and some years ago I also painted pictures myself. Today I would like to show you some paintings and pictures which I discovered this week. In order to get more information about them just click on the photo.

1.) Picture Torso I

Some time ago I attended a course for life drawing. This was such an amazing experience because you have to be very fast and concentrated on the same time which is really challenging. This is a reason why I like that picture a lot.

2.) Flamingos

Then there is this painting with the flamingos on it. I am really fond of flamingos and I like the colours as well because the painting gives a very fragile and esthetic impression.

3.)The Stage of dreams

This is also an amazing painting. It´s a lithograph and I love the mix of colours and figurative presentation.

4. Forgiveness Sunday

Practicing forgiveness is such an important topic. This is what the picture wants to tell us and I could look at it for a long time as it has such a quiet and calming effect and everybody can for sure remember a situation in which somebody forgave you and what a relief it was.


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