Candles: Highlights in the cold season

Although I like candles the whole year long, I especially use them in autumn and winter. It´s so comfortable spending an evening on the sofa, reading a book and lighting some candles. I prefer to place them on a plate in different colours which looks elegant and makes a stylish decoration.

Here are some scented candles which I really love and which I found via Amazon:

1) The first one is a scented candle which is available in coconut and vanillia and which looks quite luxurious due to the elegant packaging.

2) I am also really fond of this modern candle which smells like tea and could also be a perfect present for birthdays or Christmas.

3) For all who like black and white the scented candle by Parfum Berger could be the right decision. It also looks quite elegant and comes in a black glass with a box in black and silver.

I wish you a cozy and comfortable start into the cold season! Enjoy it!


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