DIY-Project: Mini Book "12 things I love about you"

Via Poppytalk I came across this cute DIY-Project - the "12 things I love about you" book.

For this project you need:

- 7.5'' x 2.5'' piece of wrapping paper
- 6.5'' x 2.5'' piece of card stock
- at least 7 different papers measuring 6'' x 2.25'' for the inside of the book
- a stapler
- double stick paper
- a label

First stack you card stock inside papers and fold in half. Then staple twice along the inside fold of the book.

Cover the front and back cover with double stick paper. Fold the cover paper in half, then adhere to the card stock. Fold the extra cover paper over the card stock and double-stick tape down.

Attach the label and think about 12 things you love about your special someone. And here it is: your own mini-book!!


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