Lightshow: Amazing lampshades

Are you looking for some new and extraordinary lampshades for you home?

Choosing the right lamps is a very important thing because lighting plays a big role in how a room looks like. Many people tend to choose white or cream colored lamp shades however it could happen that white lamps could look a little stark. If you choose to buy a new lamp shade it´s also important that the shade is not larger than a third of the size of the lamp base height. And: Choose lamp shades that go with your decor. Sometimes it´s helpful to look at pictures of whole rooms which have the same or nearly the same style as your room has.

There are many, many shops online that offer beautiful lamp shades so I have chosen a few which I like very much.

Matrix Otto designed by Yaacov Kaufmann. Seen at Ambiente Direct.

Turciú Soffitto 21 designed by Carlo Catelloni. Seen at Ambiente Direct.

Poppy Lüster designed by Georg Soanca-Pollack and Peter Ulrich Beckert. Seen at Ambiente Direct.

Veli Large designed by Adriano Rachele. Seen at Ambiente Direct.

Top Secret designed by Hector Serrano. Seen at Ambiente Direct.

My favourite one: Bang Boom Zettel´z designed by Ingo Maurer. Seen at Ingo Maurer.

Canned Light designed by Christoph Matthias. Seen at Design-3000.

85 Lamps designed by Rody Graumans. Seen at Smow.


  1. I love new modern amazing lampshade design. I bought a ten light lampshade design a month ago for my hall. There are hundreds of different designs with beautiful look in market and tough to choose the best one.


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