Beautiful Ideas for your Advent Calendar

I can´t believe it: Advent is approaching so fast and another year will be over very soon. Do you already know which Advent Calendar you would like to make this year? I really love Advent Calendars and as long as I can remember my mother has always prepared one for me and my sisters. I have collected some really beautiful ideas for you....So have a look, maybe it´s easier to decide for you then. For me it´s not because all of them are very special.

1.) Mini Tree Advent Calendar by Oh Happy Day. You need a lot of space for it, but it´s such a nice idea.

2.) A Little Robot Advent by Next to Nicx. So cute!

3.) Advent Boxes by Kate´s Creative Space. I really really love the wrapping.

4.) Advent Calendar in Black and White by Fotosache Gudrun Arndt. A very stylish one.

5.) What an amazing idea: An Advent Calendar made out of newspaper by Casa di Falcone. Great!


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